Hi everyone!

You are here on my little website.
It contains some pictures (well, let's say a lot of pictures!) from my holidays.
I know, the layout is VERY simple, but the main purpose was to show the pictures to my friends, not to create some artistic design ^_^!
It will surely look better soon, but you can already use it now!
Click on a folder to open it just as if it was Windows Explorer, do the same on an image to see it in real size (be aware that they are quite huge, > 1Mo most of the time), or on a movie to download it.
You can copy all the pictures and movies on your computer if you want, but only for private use. Don't post them on another website or make any public use, at least not without asking me first, thanks!

Good viewing!


PS: I would like to thank Hon for letting me use her picture of the Haggis group (in the Scotland section). You can visit her own website here.
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